Machinery Financing - different lending solutions to help you cash flow the investment


Machinery Financing

Irrespective of the machinery you need, we have different lending solutions to help you cash flow the investment. We offer multiple payment options designed to work within your budget and to make paying for the machinery easy.

At Taycor we understand that our success is driven by helping your business achieve its potential.

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Payments, tax deductions, and early payoff savings are estimated based on standard underwriting parameters and assumption around a qualifying finance structure.

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If you are still in the preliminary planning phases of a purchase, this calculator works in the reverse.

Enter your estimated monthly payment , and we’ll calculate your budget so you can narrow in on the equipment you can afford.

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The Financing You Need in Three Simple Steps

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Leasing & Finance

Taycor offers both lease and finance programs that allow you to purchase the business equipment you need today while affordably spreading your payments over time.

Get approved within hours, with minimal information, and with no commitment from a reputable licensed lender.

Application Only

Financing up to $400,000 available with simply a one-page application**.

Project Financing

Enhanced and multi-transaction financing available for larger amounts***.

Start your application * Won’t hurt your credit rating.

Online Tools & Resources

What will my monthly payment be? How much can I finance? How much working capital do I qualify for?

Get the information you need instantly with our online calculators.

Equipment Finance Calculator

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Looking for something different?

We offer a wide-variety of other types of financing for our customers and partners.

Partnership Opportunity

Are you selling equipment?

Small-business equipment leasing and financing has always been an effective means of growing infrastructure.

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Grow your business.

Working capital

Our working capital solutions are fast, and easy and can be used for many different things. Whether it’s business lines of credit, bridge loans or term loans we have the right product to address your specific business needs.

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Not a business?

We also help consumers

Are you a startup just getting started with financing or looking to buy something for personal reasons?

Taycor facilitates consumer lending for some of the best lenders in the country.

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