Licensed Lender

California State Lending Law

Taycor Financial was an early and voluntary adopter of the California Department of Business Oversights Lenders License. Licensed since 2004, Taycor has conducted business fairly and ethically.

We are a financially sound and economically responsible company, and you will find each member of our team is held to the highest standards of professional courtesy, business ethics, and industry knowledge.

If you are currently working on an equipment leasing or financing transaction, or in the process of getting working capital for your business, ask them if they are licensed under the Finance Lenders Law of their state. Oversight and accountability in lending is something that ensures fair and honest practice.




What to Expect when Working with Taycor

We succeed when you do! Our efforts are centered around growing strong relationships through an extraordinary emphasis on customer service – we serve our customers and for the equipment vendors that supply them.

We strive to achieve the following with each opportunity you afford us:

Open Communication

Though Taycor has experienced incredible growth over the years — making the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America — we have made it a point to not let it go to our heads.

Senior management is not insulated by layers of directors and supervisors, but instead is available both internally and externally for real-time open communication.

Expert Advice

Professional guidance and great customer experience starts with a commitment to training each and every Taycor team member.

From front-end customer service and account executives to credit, operations, and billing, each member of our team is well trained and well treated so that the culture of care is pervasive with each customer interaction & at every stage of the process.


We believe that excellence begins with a commitment to improvement, continued education, as well as accountability to industry peers and licensure boards.

Taycor is a proud member of the National Equipment Finance Association, a certified, licensed lender, and has Certified Leasing & Financing Professionals in its ranks.


It’s simple: do what you say, and say what you mean. There is a reason why more than 50% of Taycor clients come back as repeat customers.

We operate with the belief that honesty is the best policy, even when things are hard to say and difficult to hear. If there is a challenge, expect to know upfront. However, our team of experts will guide you through each step of the process and seek out solutions.


We are a part of the community we serve. Our families and friends walk through the doors just as often as our customers.

Come take a tour virtually or in person, and look behind the curtain to see how each finance application is processed, how credit decisions are rendered, and the friendly faces that are here to make your experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Active Listening

When you speak, we listen. What you say matters, and your experience from the first call to your very last payment with us is shaped by our entire team listening to what you need.

Thank you for your feedback, we have heard from 1,000s of past customers as well as potential customers so that we can continue to improve and provide the products you need.